Helping students continue their educational journey.

Post-secondary education is expensive for everyone, and it can be a barrier to higher learning for students from low-income families. Thanks to our donors, close to 100 graduating students of the Halton District School Board are recognized annually with over $100,000 in scholarships to continue their education beyond high school. In addition to offering a financial helping hand, HLF scholarships can provide a vote of confidence in a child’s potential.  

"I'd like to thank the scholarship donors and the Halton Learning Foundation for the support provided to me over the past three years. In addition to the financial support, I was motivated to continuously challenge myself to achieve higher goals. This motivation led me to successfully graduate from a four-year program in three years with distinction."
Kelly S.
HLF scholarship recipient

Applications for the following awards are available to HDSB students ONLY from February to April. (Link to application portal coming Feb. 1)

ScholarshipBackground/SponsorEligibility & CriteriaApplication Checklist
Alix Jickling ScholarshipCreated by the Jickling family to provide financial support for students pursuing nursing in post-secondary school.-Graduating student from Georgetown District HS
-Student must be pursuing a registered nursing program at college or university immediately following graduation
-Recipient should be academically strong
-Should demonstrate involvement in school and/or community activities
-Most recent transcript
-A one-page essay, including involvement in community and school
-Recipient to provide thank you letter
-See online application for further details.
Ana Cesak Scholarship for HospitalityCreated by the Cesak family in memory of Ana Cesak, who was a strong advocate for education as she had limited access to it during childhood. -Graduating HDSB student
-Pursuing hospitality or culinary arts at post-secondary or apprenticeship immediately following graduation.

-Three paragraph essay to cover:
o Your background
o Why this field of study?
o How the scholarship will help you

Burlington Professional Firefighters Association Community ScholarshipCreated to recognize Burlington youth exhibiting community benevolence, school or team leadership and personal excellence.-Graduating student of an HDSB high school in Burlington
-Demonstrated leadership
-Academic achievement (avg.75% or better)
-Minimum 100 community volunteer hours over your high school career.
-Financial need will also be considered.
-Letter of reference from a community organization
-Most recent transcript
-Letter from the student
-See online application for further details.
Colin M. Bain Halton ScholarshipCreated to celebrate the life and passion of Colin Bain, a former HDSB teacher and coach.-Graduating or recently-graduated HDSB students pursuing post-secondary education, preferably in Social Sciences (History, Geography, Canadian Law, Sociology or Economics).-Reasonable level of academic achievement
-Strength of character, honesty, diligence and reliability
-History of community service &/or other volunteering
-Demonstrated leadership skills
-Financial necessity
-Most recent transcript
-Two letters of recommendation.
-Letter from the student
-See online application for further details.
District 15 Retired Teachers of Ontario Academic Spirit AwardEstablished by the RTO/ERO District 15 Halton to recognize graduating students who have overcome personal or academic obstacles.-Graduating HDSB students pursuing post-secondary studies at a recognized Canadian college, university or apprenticeship, immediately following graduation.
-Good academic performance
-A strong work ethic, commitment to studies and service to others
-Has overcome obstacles to successfully graduate from high school
-Financial need may be considered.
-Letter of support from a guidance counsellor, student success or special ed teacher.
-Letter of support from one other teacher
-Most recent transcript.
-Letter from the student
-See online application for further details.
Dr. Margaret Ackerman STEM ScholarshipCreated to support female identifying students pursuing core sciences — Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering/Technology or Mathematics — who require financial support to pursue post-secondary studies.-Graduating HDSB female-identifying students pursuing STEM subjects at a recognized Canadian university.
-Must be nominated by your school.
-Reasonable level of academic achievement (min. B average).
-Strong work ethic, responsible and goal-oriented.
-Have held a regular, part-time job while attending high school full-time
-Most recent transcript
-Letter of reference from a STEM teacher in the field being pursued.
-Letter of reference from student’s workplace.
-Student letter outlining why you are a good candidate
-See online application for further details.
Foster Family ScholarshipEstablished in honour of Win and Ian Foster. Win is a retired nurse who spent part of her career looking after seniors in care; Ian was an educator with the Halton District School Board who helped advocate for vulnerable students.

-Graduating student of Milton District HS
-Pursuing education in healthcare or education, preferably with a focus on vulnerable populations.
-Involved in volunteer work (unless they were unable to).

-Short essay to cover the following:
-Your background
-Any volunteer work
-Why you are pursuing this career choice
-How this scholarship will help you
Fran Lloyd ‘Students Volunteering Abroad’ BursaryCreated to ensure the leadership and initiatives promoted by former MDHS teacher Fran Lloyd will continue in perpetuity.-HDSB students participating in the “Students Volunteering Abroad” Program.
-Demonstrates volunteerism and community mindedness
-Financial need that could impede participation in the program without assistance
To apply for this award, please email Sherri Armstrong at
Hatch ScholarshipEstablished by Hatch Engineering to recognize Indigenous students.-Graduating HDSB Indigenous student (First Nations, Metis or Inuit).
-Pursuing post-secondary studies in engineering or a closely related science program (i.e., environmental, geography, geomatics)
-Demonstrated financial need, academic achievement and initiative to succeed.
-A few paragraphs about your academic and career goals
-Most recent transcript
-1-2 letters of recommendation
-See online application for further details.
John Horner Halton Social Science ScholarshipEstablished by retired teacher John Horner to support strong, honest, hardworking students who might not otherwise be eligible for post-secondary undergrad scholarships.-Graduating or recently-graduated HDSB students pursuing post-secondary education, preferably in Social Sciences (History, Geography, Canadian Law, Sociology or Economics).
-Reasonable level of academic achievement
-Concern for general welfare of your community
-Financial necessity
-Letter outlining academic and career goals, community service
-Most recent transcript.
-Two letters of recommendation. (one from a teacher)
-See online application for further details.
Kevin Caughlin Technological Studies ScholarshipEstablished to commemorate the career and passion of retired HDSB educator Kevin Caughlin, who values apprenticeships and college pathways as excellent opportunities for post-secondary success.-Successful graduation from grade 12 at any HDSB high school
-Enrolment in an apprenticeship or college trades program
-Demonstrated desire to pursue technological education.
-Financial need may be considered.
-1-2 paragraphs outlining why candidate should receive the award.
-Reference letter from a tech studies OR co-op teacher.
-A copy of your credit counselling summary.
-Current resume.
-See online application for further details.
Lesley Wiens ScholarshipCreated to help new Canadians without the financial means to pursue post secondary education-Graduating HDSB student whose family has arrived as refugees within 10 yrs
-min B average
-financial need
-demonstrated commitment, work ethic, potential
-Two reference letters
-See online application for more details
Mike Shepherd Memorial ScholarshipEstablished in memory of Mike Shepherd, a proud graduate of MDHS and recognized businessman and philanthropist.-Graduating student from Milton District HS who is pursuing post-secondary studies in Business or STEM subjects.
-Minimum 85% average in high school.
-Have overcome a life challenge (or are working to).
-Resume – to cover work and volunteer experience
-One-two page essay to cover the following:
o Secondary program chosen, and why
o Career aspirations following post-secondary
o A life challenge you’ve overcome (or are working to)
o How you’ve demonstrated leadership (in the classroom, sports or community)
o How will this award help you financially.
-Most recent transcript
Muslim ScholarshipEstablished by the Muslim Scholarship Fund to recognize students who go above and beyond to help those who are less fortunate.-Graduating HDSB students, regardless of religion, who are pursuing full-time post-secondary studies.
-Strong, honest, hardworking, reliable
-A history of community service or other volunteering
-Possess strong leadership skills.
-High school transcript from Grades 9 through Gr. 12 (most recent)
-Two letters of reference.
-An essay from the student
-See online application for further details.
Neil J. Guiry Construction ScholarshipCreated to commemorate the life and passion of Neil Guiry. Neil was the owner of a building/construction company and husband to Pat Guiry, a retired HDSB social worker.-Graduating HDSB OYAP student enrolled in one of:
o Halton Home Builders’ Program
o Carpentry or Cabinet Maker Program
o Electrician Program
o HVAC Program
o General Machinist Program
o Tool & Die Maker Program
o Industrial Mechanic/Millwright Program
o Welder/Welder Fitter Program
-Desire to pursue Skilled Trades in post-secondary
-Financial need that may prevent further pursuit of post-secondary education
-A paragraph from both student and nominator
-Your current resume
-Letter of recommendation from co-op or technology teacher
-Letter of recommendation from a relevant member of the community.
-See online application for further details.
Lily Grace Foundation ScholarshipCreated to support youth pursuing a career in the helping professions who face financial barriers to meeting their goals.-Grade 12 graduating students from any HDSB high school.
-Pursuing post-secondary studies in humanities, social studies or a helping profession.
-Demonstrate leadership, community engagement and interest in working with people.
-Demonstrated financial need and motivation to overcome barriers.
-A letter from the student.
-Most recent transcript.
-Letter of reference from a graduating year subject teacher
-Letter of reference from a community organization with which you have worked or volunteered.
-See online application for further details.
Paula Liu Family ScholarshipCreated to honour the memory of Paula Liu, who showed strength and perseverance through hardships in her life. As a widow with no family in Canada, she supported her children through post-secondary education.-Graduating HDSB students from a single parent* led family pursuing post-secondary education.
-Demonstrated resilience
-Minimum average of 80%
-Involved in co-curriculars at school or in the community.
*(Including families where one parent is critically ill.)
-Most recent transcript
-Current resume
-One reference from a community member, teacher or social worker
-1-2 paragraphs written by the student
-See online application for further details.
Stuart Miller Bright Future AwardCreated in honour of retired HDSB Director of Education Stuart Miller to help launch a graduating student in the direction of their dreams.-Graduating HDSB student
-Does NOT have to be pursuing post-secondary education
-Demonstrated perseverance in the face of personal obstacles.
-Has engaged positively in the school community.
-Has demonstrated sportspersonship and/or leadership in pursuit of justice/human rights.
-One reference letter (from a teacher, principal, employer or mentor)
-A one-page written submission OR video submission from the student explaining how your background or experiences match the scholarship criteria.

Sunshine Building Maintenance Environmental Stewardship ScholarshipEstablished by Sunshine Building Maintenance to recognize outstanding environmental achievements.-Graduating HDSB student pursuing post-secondary education at a Canadian college, university or apprenticeship following graduation.
-Reasonable level of academic achievement
-Outstanding environmental achievements
-Volunteer hours in the community, Earth Day initiatives and financial need are also considerations.
-A short letter from the student
-Most recent transcript
-Letter of reference from one teacher and at least one community organization with which you have volunteered
-See online application for further details.
Virox Science and Innovation AwardCreated by Virox Technologies to recognize students pursuing science at university.-Graduating HDSB students pursuing university studies in biology, chemistry, physics, other BSc..
-Minimum 80% average in sciences.
-Demonstrated work ethic, curiosity and passion for learning, science and innovation.
-Most recent transcript
-Reference from a teacher (optional)
-Letter from the student about academic/career goals.
-See online application for further details.
Wendy Ernst Journey to Success ScholarshipCreated in memory of former HDSB teacher Wendy Ernst to provide financial support for students who are willing to take on a challenge and learn from it,.-Graduating HDSB students
-Must be pursuing post-secondary studies or an apprenticeship.
-Has overcome significant personal challenges.
-Deeply involved in community volunteer work and/or school extra-curricular activities.
-Demonstrated motivation to do well.

-Two letters of reference (two from teachers; OR one from a teacher and one from a volunteer placement or workplace).
-A written submission (up to one page) from the student explaining how your background or experiences match the scholarship criteria.

For information about the awards above or to set up a new scholarship, please email Sherri at

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