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The following scholarships have been established by donors to support graduating students from specific high schools. Recipients are selected by school staff. 

For HLF scholarships that students can apply for, please review here or apply online at between February and April.

Scholarship/AwardBackground/sponsorEligibility & criteria
Aaron Haire Drumline (Music) AwardCreated to commemorate the life and passion of Aaron Haire, an MM Robinson student who loved music and represented his school at Drumline competitions with a positive attitude and school spirit.-Grade 12 MM Robinson students pursuing education or apprenticeship in music or sound engineering.
-Passing grades in all studies, including music
-Involvement in extracurricular music activities
-Preference given to students who demonstrate hard work and are involved in volunteer work/the community
Alfred “Butch” Kirkham ScholarshipCreated in memory of Alfred “Butch” Kirkham, a former student of T.A. Blakelock. who enjoyed athletics at school and had a passion for the outdoors and the opportunities it gave him to enjoy it.-Graduating student of T.A. Blakelock who is entering his/her first year of university or college in September
related to Engineering or the Environment.
-Academic achievement: 75% or better average.
-Financial need is a consideration.
Alix Jickling ScholarshipCreated by the Jickling family to provide financial support for students pursuing nursing in post-secondary school.-Graduating student from Georgetown District HS
-Student must be pursuing a registered nursing program at college or university immediately following graduation
-Recipient should be academically strong
-Should demonstrate involvement in school and/or community activities
Andy Brooks ScholarshipCreated to commemorate the life and passion of former student Andy Brooks. Andy had a lifelong commitment to community service and happiness, all while battling brain cancer three times in his short life.-All students in their last year of the Special Education program at White Oaks Secondary School.
-Students must have a disability (as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission).
-Demonstrated commitment to community.
-Plans to continue education or training after high school.
Angela Hsu Achievement AwardCreated to commemorate the life and passion of Angela Hsu, a White Oaks student in ESL who passed away. Angela inspired teachers and classmates with her enthusiasm and commitment to achievement in education.-Graduating White Oaks Secondary School ESL student pursuing post-secondary education.
-Active participation in co-curricular and community activities
-Above average grades in all academic subjects
-Strong leadership skills
Ben Teague Memorial ScholarshipCreated in memory of TA Blakelock student Ben Teague's strength, determination and passion for learning. -Scholarship recognizes the very best in TAB students as they begin their journey focused on helping others. -Student may be entering college or university or pursuing an apprenticeship, entrepreneurial studies or the development of a small business.
Bert O'Hearn ScholarshipCreated to honour longtime HDSB teacher and principal Bert O’Hearn. He was a huge advocate for students and encouraged kids who were struggling to believe in themselves as he did. -Graduating student of Acton District HS pursuing post-secondary education or training.
-Should have demonstrated a willingness to be an active participant in class and/or extra curriculars.
-Student has faced obstacles to graduate, but has a good work ethic and takes initiative to ask for help.
-Financial means may be taken into account.
Burlington Central 100th Anniversary ScholarshipCreated in 2024 in honour of BCHS's 100th anniversary. Graduating student of BCHS.
Canadian Federation of University Women (Burlington) AwardsThe Burlington Chapter of the CFUW is part of a national organisation of women, committed to pursuing knowledge, promoting education, improving the status of women and girls and actively participating in public concerns.-Graduating students at identified Burlington high schools who identify as female.
-Student has demonstrated the qualities of a true leader
-Student must be pursuing post-secondary education
-Student is not the recipient of other awards
Community and Entrepreneurial Spirit AwardCreated by Georgetown realtor Lisa Hartsink to recognize students who give back to the community and have a positive, generous spirit.-Graduating students of Georgetown District High School.
-Student who volunteers in the community, is willing to help others in need, shows leadership qualities and a drive to improve themselves and the world, projects a positive spirit and attitude.
Darlene Throop Memorial ScholarshipEstablished in memory of former HDSB teacher and guidance counsellor Darlene Throop,, a caring, creative and courageous woman who had a multitude of interests and talents and was a strong advocate for her students. -For a graduating student of Abbey Park HS who has overcome significant difficulties through personal strength and determination and is motivated to do their best academically.
-Must be pursuing post-secondary studies or an apprenticeship, and been involved in community leadership, volunteer work and/or school extracurriculars
Doug Foley ScholarshipA dedicated teacher and role model, Doug Foley coached football at Milton District for 39 years. The award recognize a student who exemplifies the Mustang tradition of teamwork, athleticism, fair play and leadership.-Graduating MDHS student pursuing post-secondary education.
-Active participation in athletics, particularly football
-Above average grades
-Strong leadership skills
Dr. Frank J. Hayden ScholarshipsEstablished in honour of Dr. Hayden, retired physical education/kinesiology professor and pioneer of the Special Olympics.-One scholarship to a Dr. Frank J. Hayden HS student attending post-secondary; one to a student attending college or trade school.
-Honest, hard-working, reliable, demonstrates integrity and represents Dr. Hayden's philosophy of care for others and the Hayden community.
-Respected by peers and staff.
Foster Family ScholarshipEstablished in honour of Win and Ian Foster. Win is a retired nurse who spent part of her career looking after seniors in care; Ian was an educator with the Halton District School Board who helped advocate for vulnerable students.

-Graduating student of Milton District HS
-Pursuing education in healthcare or education, preferably with a focus on vulnerable populations.
-Involved in volunteer work (unless they were unable to).

Jim Tassie Memorial ScholarshipEstablished in honour of former OTHS student Jim Tassie, who had strong school spirit, was a creative writer and a nice kid. -Graduating students at Oakville Trafalgar HS pursuing post-secondary education
-Active in student council
Active in athletics
-Demonstrates creativity
-Caring, responsible student who exhibits pride in OTHS and genuine concern for others
John Horner MDHS ScholarshipEstablished by retired MDHS teacher John Horner -Graduating or recently-graduated Milton District HS students
-Reasonable level of academic achievement
-Strength of character, honesty, commitment to studies
-Concern for general welfare of their community
-Financial necessity
Helen Zdriluk Central Company AwardCreated to honour former teacher Helen Zdriluk and to recognize students who contribute to the performing arts at BCHS.Graduating student at BCHS who contributes to the performing arts at the school.
Kathryn Thomson Memorial ScholarshipCreated in honour of former White Oaks English teacher Kathryn Thomson -Graduating WOSS student
-Student has demonstrated strength and perseverance to overcome obstacles
Kathy Charteris Memorial ScholarshipCreated to commemorate former social worker Kathy Charteris's lifetime of providing exemplary service to others.-Graduating WOSS student who is pursuing post-secondary education
-Student has utilized or benefitted from in-school social work resources
Kristine Williams Cosmetology AwardCreated to commemorate the life and passion of Kristine Williams, an MM Robinson student who loved cosmetology. Makeup and hairstyling was her passion.-Graduating MMR student pursuing studies in Cosmetology
-Excellence in, and passion for, cosmetology
-Passing grades in all studies
-Preference given to students who demonstrate hard work and are involved in volunteer work/the community
Laura Hillier Drama ScholarshipCreated to commemorate the life and passion of Laura Hillier, a former Nelson student who was very active in the drama program and a Student of Excellence (2015). -Graduating Nelson students pursuing post-secondary studies
-Involved in the drama program at Nelson
-Demonstrated passion for the dramatic arts
-Overall honours (80% plus) average
-Exemplary leadership skills
-A positive, collaborative and inclusive spirit.
Maureen Hagan Fit for Life AwardCreated by Maureen Hagan, a global ambassador on the benefits of living well.-Graduating students of TA Blakelock.
-The student has participated in school athletics however not necessarily made a team
-The student may be involved in extra-curricular activities in school or the community
-Student possesses leadership qualities; enjoys cheering on their mates and raising people up.
-The recipient has a “never give up” attitude and work ethic both academically and athletically.
Mike Shepherd Memorial ScholarshipEstablished in memory of Mike Shepherd, a proud graduate of MDHS and recognized businessman and philanthropist.-Graduating student from Milton District HS who is pursuing post-secondary studies in Business or STEM subjects.
-Minimum 85% average in high school.
-Have overcome a life challenge (or are working to).
Moffat Family ScholarshipCreated in honour of sisters and former Aldershot students Roberta Cuthbertson (nee Moffat), Nancy Moffat and Susan Levy (nee Moffat) to recognize deserving graduating students of Aldershot High School.-Graduating Aldershot students pursuing post-secondary or trades
-Good academic standing
-Have done some volunteer work during the previous year
-Have a kind and decent character
-Have financial need.
Monsieur Lachance Award for French ImmersionCreated by French Immersion teacher Monsieur Lachance to recognize a student who has embraced the French Immersion program at T.A. Blakelock -Grade 12 student enrolled in the French Immersion Program at TAB.
-Grade average of B or higher
-Demonstrated love of the language, be outgoing, demonstrated ownership in their own success
Rayo Irani Leadership AwardCreated by realtor Rayo Irani to recognize students who demonstrate leadership qualities.Student does not have to be pursuing post-secondary. Should have demonstrated leadership skills and helpfulness to others. Volunteerism, co-curriculars or other school/community contributions.
Robert Bateman HS Community AwardCreated to recognize a student in the Community Pathways Program (CPP).-The award is for a senior CPP student at Nelson HS
-Recognizes a student who has shown kindness toward others and who, in their daily actions, puts others’ needs before their own.
Susan Milson Character AwardNamed in honour of Susan Milson, a long-time employee of the Halton District School Board known for her contagious smile, kindness, empathy and dedication.-To recognize a student graduating from any pathway, who: is positive, genuine, and engaged in their school community and is a role model to their peers; demonstrates kindness and compassion; exhibits a willingness to help and make others feel included.
-Award will rotate schools
Tyler Cooper Athletic Achievement AwardCreated to commemorate the life and passion of Tyler Cooper (1994-2004), an accomplished student and talented athlete who attended Charles Beaudoin Public School in Burlington.-Gr. 8 students at Charles Beaudoin
-High level of academic achievement in all subjects
-Good sportsmanship in one or more sports or athletic activities
Zach Plater ScholarshipCreated to commemorate the life and passion of former MDHS student Zach Plater, an exemplary team player who always had a positive attitude and worked to ensure that all players on the team were supported and included.-Graduating student of Milton District HS pursuing post-secondary studies
-Award recognizes a student athlete who demonstrates leadership and has strong academic abilities.


To contribute online to a specific Scholarship Fund, please click the link below,  then specify the name of the scholarship you wish to support in the comment box. (Please note: credit card fees of 3% apply to all online donations.)