No child should miss out on their education
because of financial challenges

When children lack basics like proper clothing, food and school supplies, it has an impact on their ability to learn. HLF provides immediate financial support to a growing number of vulnerable Halton District School Board students and their families who are in crisis, in transition to longer-term support, or have short-term funding needs. Annually, our Eliminating Barriers Fund supports over 1,000 students with basic necessities to come to school, and ensures another 200 kids can be included in school activities such as field trips, so they can fully participate in learning.

The Barriers Fund support is always much more than funds and material goods – it is about students knowing that we care about them.

How the Eliminating Barriers Fund works

  • HLF accepts requests from principals, teachers and social workers on behalf of students or their families.
  • The request must support a student’s basic personal needs, contribute to helping the student come to or stay in school, or support a student who wants to participate in a school activity where lack of funds would mean he or she could not participate.

Emergency Funds and Subsidies Support

  • Groceries/food/lunches/cafeteria vouchers
  • Clothing, footwear, hair cuts, hygiene items
  • Emergency family situations (parental death, fire, abuse)
  • School trips and excursions (cost to participate)
  • School supplies such as backpacks
  • Elective school subjects and course fees
  • Extra-curricular activities (participant fees, sport-specific equipment)
  • Safety shoes and tools for co-op placements
  • College application fees


  • Having proper nutrition can positively impact a student’s physical health and the ability to focus academically
  • Having clean clothing and appropriate school supplies can build self esteem and a sense of inclusion
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities can build social/physical and emotional resilience and exposes kids to learning opportunities they might not otherwise have
  • Support is provided mainly in the form of gift cards, providing students and their families with privacy and the dignity to choose those items that best meet their needs