Sunshine Building Maintenance supports skilled youth through Technology Fund


Each year, over 800 students from grades 4-12 participate in the Halton Skills Competition, an event  promoting the technological education and career awareness, showcasing student technical knowledge and skills.  The 24th Annual Halton Skills Competition will be held at Georgetown District High School on April 3, 2012.

The all-day event is an amazing opportunity to see Halton students at their best by showing off their technical skills.  The event is a result of a collaborative effort between industry and education, and gives students and their parents a forum to consider the trades as a career option. The support of local business is critical to the success of the program.

“This competition does not happen without the involvement of many community partners who sponsor this event,” says Pat Wright, Executive Director of the Halton Learning Foundation.  Community organizations not only contribute financially to the event, but they have their employees involved in judging or mentoring the students.

A long time supporter of the Skills Competition is Sunshine Building Maintenance, a Burlington based contract cleaning company that has served the Halton region for over 50 years.  The company was founded by the Brouwers family, all of whom grew up in the Burlington area and continue to live in the area today.

For Ted Brouwers, Sunshine’s Vice President, funding for skills education has always been of special importance.  “It just makes sense,” says Brouwers, when asked about Sunshine’s 10-year relationship with the Halton Learning Foundation. In that time, Brouwers has donated over $50,000 to fund enhanced technology and trades learning within the Halton District School Board.  “Skills education is often neglected and overlooked,” he said.  “Not all students are academics, or want to sit behind a computer.  But then not all jobs are academic in nature either – so trades learning is very important and we want to do whatever we can to further the trades as a career option.”

With over 400 staff, Sunshine Building Maintenance takes pride in their workmanship, commitment to quality and tireless efforts to please customers.  It is this work ethic that Brouwers hopes to inspire in the students that participate in the program. “We can teach them a trade, but you can’t teach hard work and responsibility.  That comes from within.”

Sunshine Building Maintenance supports the Technology Fund, which continues to enrich the educational experience of thousands of students across the region.

“When I was first approached to contribute to the Halton Learning Foundation,” recounts Brouwers, “it was never a question of if, but to what extent that Sunshine Building Maintenance  would participate.  Provincial funding to the arts, environmental studies, physical education, music and technology were all targeted for cutbacks 10 years ago.  As a business owner in Halton, this is an opportunity to support an important cause. We definitely feel our donations are making an impact by bringing learning opportunities to our youth.  We must make more choices available for our youth.  It’s a solid investment.”

This long-standing partnership with the Halton Learning Foundation comes as a result of Brouwers’ belief that by investing in his own community, he is helping  create a better society for the children who live here. His hope is that they will in turn invest in their community one day.

For more information on sponsoring the Halton Skills Competition, click here 


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