Dr. Margaret Ackerman STEM Scholarship

  • Eligibility

    This is a three to four-year award of $20,000 for a graduating female or female-identify student of a Burlington HDSB high school pursuing a STEM subject at a recognized university.

  • Criteria for Selection of Winner

    •  Be in the top 50% of STEM classes with a minimum B average
      • Accepted into a STEM program at university
      • Demonstrated work ethic
      • Financial need
  • Application Checklist

    • A letter from the student outlining: who you are; your academic and career goals; how these goals will
      be achieved; how this award will help you.
    • Most recent transcript.
    • Resume.
    • A letter of reference from a STEM teacher in the field of study being pursued outlining the student’s
      academic ability, work ethic and ability to meet assignment deadlines.
    • A letter of reference from student’s workplace commenting on work ethic, reliability and openness to

    Click here to apply by May 14, 2020.