John Horner Halton Social Sciences Scholarship


  • Criteria

    • All graduating or recently graduated students pursuing post-secondary education will be eligible
    • Preference given to student pursuing career in Social Sciences (History, Geography, Canadian Law, Sociology or Economics)
    • Reasonable level of academic achievement, but not considered the academic elite
    • Previously demonstrated concern for general welfare of their community
    • Must be of such financial means that winning would improve chances of attending a Canadian post-secondary institution
  • Application Requirements

    • A letter outlining:
      -Your academic and career goals
      -The nature of your community service; which experience was the most satisfying and why
      -Your leadership accomplishments and contribution to extracurricular activities in school
    •  Your most recent transcript.
    • Two letters of recommendation. One current teacher and one other may be a member from the

    Click here to apply online by May 14, 2020.