Our Impact: Student Stories

Michael's story
Michael's mom has gone back to school to try to improve the family’s situation, but currently has little income. She relies on the generosity of family to help feed her kids.

Michael did not have proper shoes and winter boots, nor socks that matched. He was coming to school wearing slippers.

With support from HLF, Michael got new shoes, socks, jeans, a winter coat and boots.

He also discovered a sense of pride in himself that he did not have before.
Justina's story In Grade 11 Justina lost her only parent. ​

HLF provided funds for some necessities ​and covered her school basketball team fee. ​

​Basketball is a refuge for Justina. It keeps her engaged in school and is a means of letting out negative energies. ​

Justina is a hardworking kid who has come across horrible loss. A little financial boost has been critical for keeping her in school.

Safia's story New Layer Safia left an unstable home at 16. Despite a difficult financial situation and little personal support, she was determined to become the first person in her family to go to university.

With money saved from two part-time jobs, OSAP and a generous scholarship from HLF, she was on her way.

Safia’s path has not been easy, but she is grateful for the scholarship that gave her the courage to pursue a degree she never would have had the means to otherwise.

Safia believes strongly that education is the way out of poverty and is determined to succeed in spite of the obstacles.