Every year the Halton Learning Foundation provides Engagement Grants to a number of HDSB schools.

Grant applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of principals from both elementary and secondary panels, Foundation staff and Foundation Board Members. The 2019-2020 Grant Application Form is now available. Forms must be filled out and submitted by noon on December 20, 2019. Late applications will not be accepted.

Five Core Areas of Funding

  • Arts & Music
  • Healthy Active Living
  • Mental Health
  • Media Literacy
  • Environment*

The amounts available for disbursement are determined annually.

Schools can receive a grant(s) up to $1,500 for Arts & Music, Physical or Mental Wellness and Media Literacy, and up to $5,000 for Environmental initiatives. *(All environmental applications must follow the School Ground Greening Admin Procedure.)

Important: If a school has received funds from the Eliminating Barriers Fund or other funding areas during the school year this DOES NOT exclude the school from applying for or receiving a grant from this grant process.