Engagement Funds

Students learn better and are happier
when they are engaged in learning.

Within Halton, there is economic diversity from community to community. Some school communities and parent councils have a harder time than others raising funds to assist with additional purchases above and beyond core education funding.

Engagement Funds available through the Halton Learning Foundation enable HDSB schools to purchase needed resources and fund educational programs and experiences. This ensures all students have equitable opportunities to develop critical 21st century skills. Annually, HLF supports about 100 programs in schools across Halton in the following key areas:

  • Arts & Music

    • Musical instruments and sheet music
    • Drama and art equipment
  • Media Literacy

    • Robotics
    • Chromebooks
    • Green screens
  • Environment

    • Conservation management initiatives
    • Eco gardens/outdoor classrooms
  • Physical Education

    • Running shoes
    • Playground equipment
    • Quality Daily Fitness Program resources
  • Mental Health

    • Bullying prevention
    • Wellness fairs
    • Mindfulness initiatives

“The impact of technology in the classroom has been huge! The students are so much more engaged when they can connect their learning to the digital world, and having the Internet as a resource at their fingertips has proven to be valuable in students developing their learning skills.”

By being involved in the planning, implementation, planting and sustaining the edible gardens, students are developing responsibility to care for and preserve their outdoor surroundings, while making strong connections to their learning.

“Some of the new musical instruments are very easy for children with physical disabilities or under-developed motor skills to play. In the past some of these children struggled to play along with the rest of the class, but now they demonstrate enthusiasm and confidence.”

“These new hand tools have made the Design and Tech room so popular … without your support many students would never know the satisfaction felt from using these tools.”

“The benefits of the garden tower for students have been transformational. The students work as a team and develop innovative solutions for caring for the plans and … there are significant social and emotional benefits too. Thank you.”