Colin M. Bain Halton Social Science Scholarship

$4,000 ($1,000/year for 4 years). Up to two awards will be presented each year.

  • Criteria for Selection of Winner

    • Student already has, or will have, completed two (2) senior social science credits by graduation
    • Open to all graduating students and not necessarily for the “academic elite”
    • Student will be strong, honest, hardworking & reliable
    • History of community service/volunteering activities
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Financial need that would prevent them from pursuing further education
  • Application requirements

    • A written document outlining:
       your academic goals;
       A paragraph about each of the two senior Social Science courses that you have completed, or are in
      the process of completing. In each paragraph state (a) what you found to be the most interesting
      fact/theory/personality/event, etc. that you encountered in the course, and (b) why this interested you
      so much
       Your career goals – please provide clear details about your goals and how you plan to achieve them
       The nature of your community service; which experience was the most satisfying and why
       Your leadership accomplishments and contribution to extracurricular activities in school
    • Your most recent Transcript
    • Two letters of recommendation. One must be from a current teacher, and the other may be from a
      member of the community.

    Click here to apply online by May 15, 2020.