Colin M. Bain Halton Social Science Scholarship

$4,000 ($1,000/year for 4 years). Up to two awards will be presented each year.

  • Eligibility

    • All graduating or recently graduated students pursuing post-secondary education in the field of Social Science (e.g. History, Geography, Canadian Law, Sociology, Economics) will be eligible
  • Criteria for Selection of Winner

    • Student already has, or will have, completed two (2) senior social science credits by graduation
    • Open to all students and not necessarily for the “academic elite”
    • Student will be strong, honest, hardworking & reliable
    • History of community service/volunteering activities
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Financial need that would prevent them from pursuing further education
  • Judging/Selection

    Colin M. Bain

  • Deadline

    May 17, 2019